• Required funds must be in the form of a cashier’s check made payable to the title company or a wire sent to the title company using their wiring instructions.
    • Government-issued photo ID for all parties (Please note that your ID cannot be expired and must reflect the name in which you are closing.)
    • Proof of homeowner’s insurance per the mortgage lender’s terms
    • All home inspection reports
    • Additional requested documentation
    • If you have a prior home that is being sold on the same day, you must bring the fully executed Closing Disclosure with the T-64 signed by seller, buyer, and title company.
    • Borrower and any co-borrower (including any non-occupying co-borrower used for loan qualification)
    • Non-purchasing spouse of borrower, even if they are not on the mortgage (applicable for community property states)
    • Non-purchasing spouse of co-borrower, even if they are not on the mortgage and/or do not intend to occupy the residence
    • Any and all changes to marital status that have occurred between initial loan application and closing need to be brought to the attention of your Mortgage Loan Originator immediately.
  5. POWER OF ATTORNEY(if applicable)
    • Has to be approved before closing and title company must be able to reach the borrower who is not at closing either by phone or email on the day of closing to ratify the POA
    • Original notarized Power of Attorney (POA) document
    • If title company is expecting a POA for someone who cannot be at the closing and that person ends up coming to the closing, the closing documents must be rewritten. This will delay your closing if the title company is not notified in advance.
  6. TRANSLATORS (if applicable)
    • The title company will not provide a translator at closing. If a translator is needed, it is the borrower’s responsibility to provide one.
    • The translator must be 18 years of age or older and bring his/her non-expired government-issued photo ID.
Please contact your DHI Mortgage Loan Originator with any questions.