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Below are the current members of our Diversity & Inclusion Committee, providing perspectives from different backgrounds, departments, and roles.
Meet Our Leaders
Sonya Luechauer
President & CEO
DHI Mortgage
Our goal is to continue to create and protect a culture where every teammate at DHI Financial Services feels appreciated, supported, and valued.
Jennifer Hedgepeth
National Operations Mgr
DHI Mortgage
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is about empowering our teammates to be successful while being their authentic selves.
Audrey Fuller
VP of Diversity and Inclusion
DHI Financial Services
It’s extremely important to me that DHIFS remains committed to promoting an environment where every teammate is supported, feels connected, and has a true sense of belonging and acceptance.
Wendy Wilson
AVP / Strategic Initiatives Mgr
DHI Mortgage
I’m passionate about the Diversity & Inclusion efforts at DHIFS to promote and safeguard our diverse culture, as well as how we can serve our community through credit education and mentoring.
Mark Winter
CFO, DHI Mortgage
President, DHI Title Agency
My goals for Diversity & Inclusion are to ensure that DHI’s employee base is a reflection of our communities, helping us all become more aware and respectful of people from all walks of life.
Lisa Collett
SVP / Division Controller
DHI Mortgage
Companies and employees benefit when people with different cultural backgrounds and experiences come together to freely share their perspectives and ideas.
Adrianna Salas
Escrow Branch Mgr
DHI Title Agency
I appreciate that everyone is unique, and I value Diversity & Inclusion because I believe in acceptance.
Caroline Zaia
Escrow Branch Mgr
DHI Title Agency
I appreciate that a focus on Diversity & Inclusion opens the door for people to speak comfortably and learn how we can improve the future for the next generations.
Craig Pizer
SVP / Compliance Officer
DHI Mortgage
Our Diversity & Inclusion focus is a material component of our motto: The Right People, The Right Way.
Monica Kaspar
AVP / National Marketing Mgr
DHI Mortgage
Diversity & Inclusion means ensuring that the voices of our community are heard and that DHI Mortgage is providing resources that allow us to better represent the community that we serve.
Ledro Uriegas
AVP / Compliance Mgr
DHI Mortgage
Diversity is not about what differences we have, but rather embracing each other’s uniqueness and excelling because of it.
Michelle Johnson
VP / Regional Mgr
DHI Mortgage
I’m glad to work for a company that provides the opportunity for every teammate to become what they want to be within the company.
Angela Hernandez
SVP / Secondary Marketing Mgr
DHI Mortgage
A company culture that embraces Diversity & Inclusion not only empowers teammates from all backgrounds, but also meets the needs of our diverse customers.
Deborah Roebuck
National Processing Mgr
DHI Mortgage
Diversity & Inclusion creates a space of welcome, respect, and belonging, which allows equal opportunity for all teammates to have a significant impact in the workplace.
Elizabeth Miller
AVP / Corporate Training Assistant Mgr
DHI Mortgage
Diversity & Inclusion initiatives are highly aligned with our Training objectives and ensure that each of our employees is treated with respect and given opportunities for professional development.
Ramone Durden
Branch Mgr
DHI Mortgage
Diversity & Inclusion helps us better understand and embrace the differences that exist on our teams and in society as a whole, and I’m encouraged that D&I is in the forefront of our organization.
Lisa Gentry
Branch Mgr
DHI Mortgage
When employees are accepted for who they are, they’re happier and more productive, and opportunities are more equitable.
Eddie Garza de Haro
Branch Sales Mgr
DHI Mortgage
The leadership team at DHIFS strives to ensure that each member of our team has a true sense of acceptance and belonging, and I appreciate that when our leaders ask us “What can I do for you?” we can expect an honest attempt.