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We like to say that our team is like a tapestry made up of many different threads purposefully woven together to create something wonderful. At DHI Mortgage, the benefits of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion serve to support a positive and collaborative environment where creativity is welcome, productivity improves, and professional development is enhanced.
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Leading. Together.
Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee was founded to bring together teammates from all backgrounds and departments to ensure that DHI Mortgage continues to foster an environment where every employee enjoys equal opportunity for development, recognition, and respect. We’ve also created a Focus Group of non-management teammates to provide boots-on-the-ground advice to our Committee and to actively seek suggestions for ways we can continue to broaden our efforts.
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Connect. Together.
DHI Connects groups are a platform for teammates to connect through shared interests, while expanding the diversity of their network. Each DHI Connects group has a unique theme and purpose, and meetings are hosted by an executive sponsor and team lead to help support and achieve the vision the group sets.
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Grow. Together.
In partnership with the National Training Department and the D&I Committee – one of the key ways we "Grow. Together." is by all DHI Financial Services team members participating in group discussions surrounding D&I-related topics. These conversations promote a positive environment where teammates are empowered to show up authentically and to have their contributions recognized.  In an environment where collaborative creativity exists, a sense of belonging can be found. Being intentional in building an inclusive team allows the talents and potential of each individual to shine, and having these conversations is one way to support being Different. Together.
Employee Spotlight
We’re shining a spotlight on employees who are going above and beyond to make sure DHI Mortgage continues to be a company where every employee feels empowered to be Different. Together.
Photograph of Audrey Fuller VP of Diversity and Inclusion
Audrey Fuller
VP of Diversity and Inclusion
Audrey has been with DHI Mortgage for over 26 years, with 19 of those years in Operations Leadership. Audrey has served on the D&I Committee since 2018. She’s committed to promoting an environment where every teammate feels supported and connected, and is empowered to contribute. We’re honored to know her!
Photograph of Jennifer Hedgepeth Executive VP / National Operations Manager
Jennifer Hedgepeth
EVP, Chief Operations Officer
Jennifer serves on the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA’s) Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee, and is an active member of the MBA’s mPower Community. She’s working toward changes in policy that reduce barriers to homeownership. Her commitment is inspiring!
Photograph of Adenna Huggins Mortgage Mastery Coordinator
Adenna Huggins
Mortgage Mastery Coordinator
Adenna is a member of our D&I Focus Group who believes that differences should be celebrated. Her goal with the Focus Group is to get teammates thinking open-mindedly, while feeling empowered to use their voice. We feel truly lucky to have Adenna on the team!