About Us / Our Values

At DHI Mortgage we believe that family comes first. This extends to our work family. When our teammates have success to share, we celebrate them! When our teammates find themselves facing a challenge or hardship, we all step in to help. It’s what we would do for our own family, it’s what we do for our DHI Mortgage family.

Our Culture
We want to be more than just an employer, we want to help enrich your life. We encourage a balanced life of work and family. We work hard to provide the tools and the guidance to develop passionate talent so that you can grow your career and provide the stability and prosperity that you and your family deserve. Your life should not just be about working hard and the time that you spend in the office. It’s about enjoying the results of your hard work and sharing it with your loved ones. Want to be a part of our team? Visit our Careers page to learn more.
Core Attitudes
Our core attitudes are the heart of our business, they guide our decisions and shape our teams. We work hard to provide the best service we can for our customers, while creating a supportive environment for our teammates. These core attitudes help us stay focused on what is important.
  • Proud, but not arrogant
  • Respectful
  • Compassionate
  • Innovative
  • Direct, yet cooperative
  • Don’t make excuses, make it happen
At Home: Wendy Wilson, President of NAMMBA Austin
Congratulations to Wendy Wilson, DHI Homebuyers Club Manager! She was elected to be the inaugural President of the Austin Chapter of the National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America (NAMMBA)!
“I’m grateful for the honor to get to serve as President for Austin’s NAMMBA chapter, and to have this type of support. The future is bright for this inclusive group!” – Wendy Wilson
Wendy will serve with the mission of increasing the engagement of minorities and women in the mortgage industry through education, advocating for public policy, and through the development of programs and initiatives that introduce them to the mortgage industry.
To find out more about NAMMBA and their work, visit http://www.nammba.org