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Our DHI Connects Culture Groups were designed to bring together teammates from all of our offices around a shared interest or experience. These groups create meaningful conversations, facilitate change, and allow teammates to broaden the diversity of their professional networks.
Person wearing mask and gloves bringing a bag of groceries into their home
DHI Cares
This group is for DHI teammates who are interested in achieving community outreach goals, as well as identifying and supporting worthy causes. They’ve raised funds for local food banks throughout the country, donating over 10,000 meals to date. Their current causes include organizations supporting children, front line workers, the environment, the elderly, and more. 
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Mortgage Tech Talks
The purpose of this group is to learn more about mortgage technology, explore related topics, and discuss trends in the industry that could benefit our company and our customers.
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Navigating New Paths
This group is led by teammates with first-generation perspectives, with the purpose of sharing and learning from those perspectives and fostering allyship among teammates.
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Network of Mentors
The purpose of this group is to build mentor/mentee relationships that foster professional development. The group regularly hears from a DHI leader, who shares their career story and gives professional development tips and advice.
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Tapestry is an all-inclusive community where we gather around our family table to learn what it means to truly value our similarities and differences. This multicultural engagement group’s goal is to create friendships, build stronger partnerships, and support an equitable and inclusive environment for all teammates.
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Green Team
The Green Team allows environmentally-focused teammates to connect together and participate in community outreach initiatives that benefit our environment. This group is working toward reducing our company’s carbon footprint and fostering a

greener tomorrow.