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Here are a few examples of what to do - and not do - to improve your credit profile right now. Your DHI Mortgage Home Buyers Club® Credit Consultant can help you adapt these tips, and many more, for your specific financial situation.
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  • Create a budget to be used toward paying down debt.
  • Get current on all past due accounts.
  • Pay bills on time by setting up automatic bill payments.
  • Pay down credit card debt to below 30% of the credit limit.
  • Pay off balances monthly.
  • Keep all accounts open and current unless your Credit Consultant specifies otherwise.
  • Track your credit report.
  • Opt out of receiving new credit card offers at
  • Remove inaccuracies from your credit report by working with your Credit Consultant.
  • Inform your Credit Consultant if you are currently receiving any collection calls or notices.
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  • Close accounts after paying them off.
  • Pay off any old collection accounts without talking to your Credit Consultant.
  • Pay bills late.
  • Max out credit cards.
  • Open new lines of credit.
  • Make any major purchases.
  • Refinance or co-sign for any loans.

The DHI Mortgage Home Buyers Club does not guarantee to raise credit scores or guarantee loan approval. Credit education offered by the DHI Mortgage Home Buyers Club does not assure participants that they will qualify for, or successfully obtain, a home mortgage loan. Participants are not required to finance their home purchase through DHI Mortgage or to purchase a home from DHI Mortgage’s affiliated builder, D.R. Horton, to enroll in the DHI Mortgage Home Buyers Club. Participants must complete a HUD approved homebuyer’s education course at their own cost as a prerequisite to participation in the DHI Mortgage Home Buyers Club. DHI Mortgage Home Buyers Club is not a credit counseling or credit repair organization. See your DHI Mortgage Home Buyers Club Credit Consultant for full details. HUD = U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.