Resources / Understanding Credit / Credit Dos and Donts
Here are a few examples of what to do - and not do - to improve your credit profile right now. Your DHI Mortgage Home Buyers Club® Credit Consultant can help you adapt these tips, and many more, for your specific financial situation.
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  • Create a budget to be used toward paying down debt.
  • Get current on all past due accounts.
  • Pay bills on time by setting up automatic bill payments.
  • Pay down credit card debt to below 30% of the credit limit.
  • Pay off balances monthly.
  • Keep all accounts open and current unless your Credit Consultant specifies otherwise.
  • Track your credit report.
  • Opt out of receiving new credit card offers at
  • Remove inaccuracies from your credit report by working with your Credit Consultant.
  • Inform your Credit Consultant if you are currently receiving any collection calls or notices.
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  • Close accounts after paying them off.
  • Pay off any old collection accounts without talking to your Credit Consultant.
  • Pay bills late.
  • Max out credit cards.
  • Open new lines of credit.
  • Make any major purchases.
  • Refinance or co-sign for any loans.