Resources / Frequently Asked Questions
We want to be your resource throughout the home buying process. That means we are ready to answer your question before, during and after you buy and close on your new home. Our FAQ page is available 24/7 and will help answer some of the more commonly asked questions. Have more general questions about home buying? Stop by our Resources page. Don’t forget, your local branch or Mortgage Loan Originator is always available to answer your question too! Contact them directly if you can’t find the answers you need.
Transferred/Sold Loans
Will my loan be transferred or sold to another servicer?
DHI Mortgage sells most of the loans that we originate. It is likely that your loan will be sold and transferred to a new servicer.
How will I know if my loan has been transferred or sold to a new servicer?
DHI Mortgage will send you a written notice 15 days prior to your transfer date once your loan is sold. The new loan servicer will also send you a notification within 30 days after the final transfer date.
How will I know who my new servicer is?
The transfer notifications that you receive from DHI Mortgage and the new servicer will have details about who your new servicer is along with their contact information and where to send payments.
Who can I contact if I have questions about my loan transfer?
You can contact the DHI Mortgage Loan Servicing Department with questions at any time. You can reach us by phone at 866-350-7746​ or email at
I received a tax bill! I thought my taxes were supposed to be paid for me from my escrow account?
If you receive a tax bill please write your loan number on the original bill and send it to us immediately. You can mail it to:
DHI Mortgage
10700 Pecan Park Blvd.
Suite 450
Austin, TX 78750

Or send via email to or fax to 800-547-1844​.
What is a homestead exemption?
A Homestead exemption is a tax exemption that removes part of your home’s value from taxation, generally lowering your property taxes. Not all states allow homestead exemptions, please contact your county for details about what is available in your area.
How do I file for a homestead exemption?
If your state offers homestead exemptions, please contact your county for details on how and when to apply. Please notify your servicer of any changes to your property tax status as soon as possible.
Where can I find my Mortgage Interest statement (IRS Form 1098) for income tax purposes?
DHI Mortgage will mail annual 1098 tax statements by January 31st of each year for any loan in which activity occurred with DHI Mortgage in the prior year. So, be sure to update your mailing address if it changes. If you need a copy of your DHI Mortgage 1098 tax statement, please contact Customer Service at 866-350-7746.

If your loan transferred prior to year-end, you will also receive a 1098 tax statement from the new servicer for the period of time they serviced your loan.
Mortgage Protection and Other Offers
I keep receiving Mortgage Protection Insurance letters that have the DHI Mortgage name on them, did you send these to me?
DHI Mortgage does not send any of these offers. Unrelated businesses may obtain your new mortgage information through public records. If you are not interested, ignore the offers. If you are, contact the sender.
Active Duty Military
What happens if I or an eligible family member become Active Duty Military?
If you or an eligible family member are in the military, you may qualify for certain rights and protections under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), including a reduction in the interest rate on your mortgage for the duration of your active duty plus a period of time thereafter, as well as protection from foreclosure or the duration of your active duty plus a period of time thereafter. Contact your mortgage company/loan servicer as soon as possible.
Avoiding Foreclosure
If you feel that you are at risk of losing your home due to an unexpected circumstance, please visit our Avoiding Foreclosure webpage for information.