Braxton Young
NMLS #1628510
(844) 319-6717
Mortgage Loan Originator
Branch NMLS #910245

I’ve had the pleasure of helping people buy homes since I was 17 years old. I was immediately drawn to the teamwork aspect of completing a mortgage, and I think this is due to playing team sports from childhood through high school. I started as an assistant and quickly moved to leading a team of assistants. At one point I realized that I could only do so much as an assistant. To take on more responsibility and have a larger effect on people’s lives, I had to become a Mortgage Loan Originator. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people make more educated decisions, ranging from simple things like lowering their rate and payment without costs and repairing credit, to the more difficult things like helping an investor buy multiple investment properties. Yes, mortgages can be difficult and frustrating at times. However, having a great, experienced team will eliminate nearly all of the headaches. The mortgage is the last thing you want to be worrying about when buying a home. Let my team take the mortgage process into our hands, and you can focus on worrying about scheduling the moving truck.


I’ve lived in Utah my whole life. I grew up in Draper and lived there until 2 years ago when I decided to cram myself in a little condo downtown to be closer to school. I’m currently finishing up my degree in Finance with an emphasis in Advanced Financial Analysis from the University of Utah. Basically, I’m good with numbers. If I see an email or text, I can’t let it go without a response. It’s a blessing and a curse. On the weekends you can usually find me somewhere up Big Cottonwood Canyon (either snowboarding, hiking, or hanging out a Brighton), at Utah Motorsport Campus, on a twisty motorcycle ride, or at a model home. I generally take one vacation per year, and it usually includes scuba diving with sharks. I am younger and think differently than the average Mortgage Loan Originator. I don’t see work as a 9-5 shift. I see individuals and families trying to accomplish a dream, and it’s my responsibility to make that dream a reality.