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We’re extremely proud of our hardworking, high-performing employees. The following real estate and mortgage organizations have recognized many DHI Mortgage employees for their contributions toward these organizations’ missions of making the dream of homeownership a reality for all Americans. We’re pleased to recognize the following teammates for their commitment to excellence.
Women of Influence 2021
HousingWire's Women of Influence program recognizes the outstanding efforts of women in driving the U.S. housing economy forward. The honors are given to individuals who are making notable contributions to both their businesses and to the industry at-large.
Sonya Luechauer, President & CEO
Powerful Women of Mortgage Banking 2021
Pioneers. Leaders. Innovators. These women are impacting both the mortgage banking industry and the people around them in significant ways. Mortgage Banker Magazine celebrates the powerful women of mortgage banking, who are leaving an indelible mark on the industry.
Jennifer Hedgepeth, Chief Operating Officer & EVP
HousingWire's 2021 Insiders
More than just breaking records in the housing finance space, the HousingWire 2021 Women of Influence are paving the way for future women leaders and leaving a legacy for years to come. Winners represent 100 of the most influential women in leadership in the housing economy.
Angela Hernandez, SVP & Secondary Marketing Manager
NAHREP 2021 Top 250 Mortgage Loan Originators
Each year, the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP), in association with Freddie Mac, recognizes the leading Latino mortgage loan originators throughout the nation. Their Top 250 Latino Agents & Mortgage Originators Report recognizes individuals whose hard work and dedication have resulted in closing an exceptional number of transactions. DHI Mortgage is proud to announce that we had 22 Latino Mortgage Loan Originators ranked in 2021, making us the company with the most Mortgage Loan Originators on the list! Congratulations to all of you!
NAMMBA Top 100 Mortgage Loan Originators
The NAMMBA Top 100 celebrates the industry’s top women and minority loan originators. We’re thrilled to announce that DHI Mortgage had 14 teammates selected by volume, 17 by unit, and 22 Community Loan Officers! These Mortgage Loan Originators are positively impacting the industry we serve. The recipients of this honor were recognized at the NAMMBA CONNECT 2022 Gala. We're proud to have you on our team!
Brenton Challis, NMLS #1295495
Brian Baker, NMLS #109073
Dee Dee Culpepper, NMLS #210596
Kasey Hampton, NMLS #275537
Leslie Forsythe, NMLS #657575
Lisa Greenlee, NMLS #949416
Lori Call, NMLS #1112152
Marcey Edwards, NMLS #745180
Michelle Costigan, NMLS #545832
Norma Guerrero-Cowes, NMLS #211327
Patricia Martinez, NMLS #1913899
Tisha Varra, NMLS #199520
Valerie Sjafiroeddin, NMLS #334291
Zak Zouhari, NMLS #1264079
Ali Makhani​, NMLS #383313
Brenda Farrens, NMLS #330377
Brenda Langston, NMLS #354901
Dawn Cooke, NMLS #211487
Denise Weaver, NMLS #594388
Felicia Garza, NMLS #209424
Fermin Barrera, NMLS #1065071
Jose Iraheta, NMLS #738185
Juan Duenas, NMLS #1743450
Katherine Cook, NMLS #1554703
McKenzie Fowler, NMLS #1847036
Michael Nguyen, NMLS #1504528
Nicole James, NMLS #2003942
Rachel Carroll, NMLS #1578900
Sandi Clancy, NMLS #969028
Sarah Howard, NMLS #1267874
Susie Hemenway, NMLS #442630

Adam Ansteth, NMLS #404351
Alfredo Lujan, NMLS #915060
Allyssa Camacho, NMLS #1863247
Anita Knight, NMLS #211437
Colleen Brewer, NMLS #199075
Diane Strand, NMLS #936247
Edwin Navas, NMLS #667290
Erin Foster, NMLS #1453081
Gina Durden, NMLS #1503915
Jerod Montanez, NMLS #183216
Jessica Funes, NMLS #1506762
Karen Funderburk, NMLS #486737
Kerri Zlokas, NMLS #322458
Lisa Greenlee, NMLS #949416
Lorena Martinez, NMLS #1709842
Lori Call, NMLS #1112152
Luis Baez, NMLS #602356
Melissa Myers, NMLS #239371
Michelle Dienes, NMLS #1585394
Michelle Farmer, NMLS #279148
Rosemary Crellin, NMLS #1710765
Sam Un, NMLS #879990
Tiffany Moore, NMLS #1096209
AREAA A-List 2021 Top Originators
Since 2014, the Asian Real Estate Association of America has awarded an annual "A-List". The list recognizes top producers serving Asian American homeowners and communities. A-Listers were formally recognized this year at the 2021 AREAA National Convention.
Ha Le Dao, NMLS #254038