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We’re extremely proud of our hardworking, high-performing employees. The following real estate and mortgage organizations have recognized many DHI Mortgage employees for their contributions toward these organizations’ missions of making the dream of homeownership a reality for all Americans. We’re pleased to recognize the following teammates for their commitment to excellence.
The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) champions homeownership for thousands of those in the Hispanic community by representing, educating, and empowering the real estate professionals who serve them. NAHREP is proud to recognize these top performing individuals for their contributions toward the association’s mission of sustainable Hispanic homeownership.

NAHREP 2020 Top 250 MLOs: This year, mortgage originators across the country earned distinction as one of the Top 250 Latino Mortgage Originators among many nominees. This group represents a total of 36,892 closed mortgages, and $10 billion in mortgage sales. DHI Mortgage is excited to announce that we had 12 Latino Mortgage Loan Originators ranked in the U.S.! Congratulations to all of you! 
9.   Norma Guerrero-Cowes, NMLS #211327
33. Fermin Barrera, NMLS #1065071
36. Felipe Ceballos, NMLS #1247641
39. Jose Iraheta, NMLS #738185
49.  Sam Morales, NMLS #630065
55.  Pedro Garcia, Jr., NMLS #1645158
71.  Daismara Torres, NMLS #499171
79.  Salvador Renteria, NMLS #980956
86.  Rosa Rojas, NMLS #822595
101. Jesse Fernandez, NMLS #1465083
127. Lorena Martinez, NMLS #1709842
173. Michelle Acosta-Croney, NMLS/License #MLO-1235671
The National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America (NAMMBA) provides women and minority mortgage and housing professionals with education, career development, and advocacy to increase the engagement of women and minorities in the mortgage industry. Working together with the NAMMBA, we’re able to provide you with experts and advisers from multiple backgrounds and experiences for a stronger, more diverse spectrum of service, guidance, and attention.

NAMMBA Top 100 Originators: We’re thrilled to announce that 12 DHI Mortgage colleagues have been selected in NAMMBA’s Top 100 Women and Minority Mortgage Loan Originators in the Nation! The recipients of this honor were recognized at the NAMMBA CONNECT 2019 Gala. We're proud to have you as teammates! 

Norma Guerrero-Cowes, NMLS #211327
Dee Dee Culpepper, NMLS #210596
Kasey Hampton, NMLS #275537
Vonnie Costello, NMLS #1085928
Marcey Fortune, NMLS #745180
Monica Wiggins, NMLS #659575
Felicia Garza, NMLS #209424
Sonny Nguyen, NMLS #1583232
Salvador Renteria, NMLS #980956
Summer Crown, NMLS #399033
Laura Parker, NMLS #948049
Vivian Garcia-Suarez, NMLS #197617
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Most Loans Closed: Congratulations to the DHI Mortgage Loan Originators who ranked in the Top 500 for Most Loans Closed!

Kasey Hampton, NMLS #275537
Norma Guerrero-Cowes, NMLS #211327
Wes Ket, NMLS #824984
Dee Dee Culpepper, NMLS #210596
Brenda Langston, NMLS #354901

Top Purchases: Congratulations to the DHI Mortgage Loan Originators who Scotsman Guide ranked in the Top 500 for Top Purchases!

Kasey Hampton, NMLS #275537
Lisa Greenlee, NMLS #949416
Norma Guerrero-Cowes, NMLS #211327
Stephen Judd, NMLS / License # MLO-95746
Marianne Pfisterer, NMLS #194847
Dee Dee Culpepper, NMLS #210596
Wes Ket, NMLS #824984
Newton Bruington, NMLS / License # MLO-119362
Jeremy Hine, NMLS #1050574

Most VA Loans Closed: Congratulations to the DHI Mortgage Loan Originators who Scotsman Guide ranked in the Top 500 for Most VA Loans Closed!

Kasey Hampton, NMLS #275537
Wes Ket, NMLS #824984
Shelley Murphy, NMLS #1399582
Dawn Cooke, NMLS #211487
Susie Hemenway, NMLS #442630
Inga Brown, NMLS #649936
Brian Allen, NMLS #905427
Bill McKinley, NMLS / License # MLO-88737
Ronald Peterson, NMLS #22657 / GA #56816
Jeremy Hine, NMLS #1050574
Joshua Deaktor, NMLS #1284657
Erin Foster, NMLS #1453081
Aaron Robertson, NMLS #22474 / GA #28333
Vanessa McKenzie, NMLS #442798
Rusty Smith, NMLS #745639
Michelle Farmer, NMLS #279148
Marianne Pfisterer, NMLS #194847
Shawn Hargrove, NMLS #286001
Marcey Fortune, NMLS #745180
The SETH Goldstar program provides access to affordable housing programs in communities across Texas. We were recognized by the SETH GoldStar Program as their 2019 Top Program Lender. Congratulations also goes out to Brenda Langston (NMLS #354901) and Travis Van Zandt (NMLS #1691164) who were honored individually for their outstanding loan production and combined program volume.
The Texas Veterans Land Board and Gateway Mortgage Group, a division of Gateway First Bank, recognized us as one of the Top 5 lenders for fiscal year 2019, ranking us #2. They also presented Wes Ket (NMLS #824984) an award for being the #4 ranked Mortgage Loan Originator. Helping Veterans get into their dream homes is one of our passions!